Get started with your Consignment by downloading and printing our Consignment Sheet, and include it when you ship your items to us​.



​​Why consign to Grenadier Military Antiques Auctions?
Grenadier Military Antiques Auctions, Inc. is a high-tech online auction company with worldwide exposure.

  • With 30-plus years of experience in the military antiques collector's community and a large customer base, Grenadier Military Antiques Auctions has what it takes to bring both the buyer and seller together for a mutually rewarding experience.

  • The bottom line: We will get you the results you want. It is our belief that a happy buyer makes a happy seller. At Grenadier Military Antiques Auctions, we believe in a quick turn around, prompt payment, transparency, truthfulness, and results.

  • The goal of Grenadier Military Antiques Auctions is to offer the collector an honest, trustworthy, and time-tested venue.

  • Grenadier offers one of the lowest seller's commissions in the online auction business at a rate of 20% of the gavel price, with no extras or hidden fees.                                                                                                   
  • Once an item(s) has been sent to Grenadier Auctions, and received by Grenadier Auctions, it must be run in at least one (1) auction before it can be sent back to the consignor.